Glutes (Getting junk in the trunk)

Glute Killer

Small movements make everything harder, in my opinion.


Because you’re holding the exercise at it’s highest intensity and moving from that point. Eventually, your muscles start screaming at you in agony and begging for a break…but it hurts so good!

Today’s Glute Killer does just this. The key is to try and keep your knee up at about hip height, like the picture, to maximize the benefit you’ll get from your glutes. The “killer” part reflects the kinds of things your mind starts screaming at you. When I filmed this, I already had the sorest bum ever, so it made doing these even worse  better 😉

Side note: Doesn’t the lavender behind me look lovely? It also smells amazing. I used some to make Lavender Lemonade- a recipe that I’ll share soon. Also, I totally unintentionally match the flowers; really, that was unplanned.


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