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Sore Butt Sweat Sesh

I just can’t help myself; I’ve been SO into interval workouts these days. I’ve actually preferred working out at home to the gym….GASP!! Who am I???

A big part of the reason for this is because it’s new to me. Exciting. Exhausting. Challenging. And I love a good challenge. People who have taken my classes typically tell me they find them challenging- and they certainly aren’t easy- but anytime you do something for too long it becomes routine.

Any new things I try that actually work are things I HAVE to share. I apologize that a lot of these interval workouts are not videos, but I think it’s good to have variety (and options), so that if you don’t want a video, you can still have a workout. What keeps you going is the timer. You set it and the buzzing will tell you when to stop and go. It all happens so fast that you don’t have any time think (okay, well maybe you secretly feel like it’s absolute torture, and it’s insanely hard, and how can you keep going, blah blah….but somehow you make it and feel amazing at the end!). The interval workouts I post are also longer than any videos I make, in case you want a fuller workout. Of course, you can always line up a few of my videos and do them together to get in 45 minutes to an hour 😉

Post Sweat Sesh Photo

So first things first: you need an interval timer. Good news- HERE is an online free one. You can set work rounds to 50 seconds and rest rounds to 10 seconds (I decided not to have any warning sound and set that to 0 seconds). I also set the sound to “short 1” because the default was so irritating. To modify or up your workout, you can mess around with the work/rest times. But 50/10 was PLENTY hard and really makes you realize just how short 10 seconds really is. I also recommend blasting some good music as well. I have playlists on Grooveshark up if you need them!

There are three sets of workouts, and you do each one four times. This will be a total of 40 minutes, but I suggest taking 30-60 second breaks in between sets, which will up your time to 42ish minutes (trust me, you’ll appreciate these breaks). I also topped off with an 8 minute ab workout of my own (but I’m going to make this a video and post it separately).

My butt is still sore and I did this 2 days ago. It’s also hard. Be warned!

What you’ll need: online interval timer, small rubber ball (optional, but critical to the sore butt part of this workout), and mat or soft surface.

Set 1: Do each exercise for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest. Repeat 3 times. Explanations of these exercises can be found herethere’s also a video on the BodyRock website.

  • squat jump, elbow to knee touch
  • 10 mountain climbers, 1 reverse burpee
  • squat front raise with ball (squeeze between hands)
  • 2 elbow 1/2 burpee jumps and under toe touch
  • hip raises with the rubber ball between your thighs

Set 2: Do each exercise for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest. Repeat 3 times.

  • 6 squats with ball between the thighs, 6 squat jumps reach ball up with hands (SQUEEZE and get low)
  • 1 pushup, quick second side plank right and left, 1 reverse burpee
  • 1 pushup, jump knees in (to chest) and out to plank (hands stay on floor), 1 half reverse burpee (stay standing), squeeze elbow to knee bending through obliques- one on each side (a move done in standing abdominals at minute 1:55, but you don’t need a towel), 1 burpee back to plank
  • 4 forward lunges with a side twist squeezing rubber ball between hands, 4 switch lunges (jump fast to switch sides)

Set 3: Do each exercise for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest. Repeat 3 times.

  • right forward lunge, right side squat, left forward lunge, left side squat
  • 1 burpee, 1 squat jump
  • 1 arm get ups (Face down with your body fully on a mat. Place one arm by your shoulder and the other behind the small of your back. Press your body up into a modified down-dog position so your body is in a one armed triangle, then drop your hips and drop your body back to the mat. Repeat with other hand)- to modify do this with both hands on the floor
  • 4 quick high knees, 2 slow high knees (first four each take 1 count/beat of music, last 2 each take 2 counts/beats)

P.S- I’m moving to New York tomorrow! Life is about to get crazy. I’m so so excited, but will be sad to say goodbye to this:

Sunset over Lake Washington

Happy Saturday!!


7 thoughts on “Sore Butt Sweat Sesh

  1. I love your workouts. Just a question…on some of the circuit ones, we do exercises for 50seconds then rest for 10. There are some that have a certain number to do of them. Do we do just the certain number or do I do them for the time limit?? Or do I do a combination of both- number for the time limit??? I hope you understand my question. I also have a couple others that I would prefer to email you directly.

    Thanks for workouts

    • Hi Julie,
      Yes, my workouts tend to be combos. So sometimes it’ll be as much as you can do in a particular time and other times it’ll be a specific number (ie- 25 knee highs). If it’s ever timed (on for 50, off for 10), I typically specify. If I don’t specify time then it’s usually the number. Does that make sense? If you have specific questions for certain workouts you can let me know.

      Feel free to email me with your other questions: toriteachesfitness@gmail.com. It may take me a day or two to get back to you depending on your questions. Let me know!!


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