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Abs Challenge Level Four

Do you remember my abs challenge series? I totally held out on level four!! I’ve been getting so sucked into all sorts of new ideas that my older ones fell by the wayside. BUT this series is probably one of the best things you can do for your waistline. The exercises force you to stay up off your shoulder blades- constantly working your abdominals harder than you would with many other workouts.

Here’s a preview shot of level four:

Level One details proper alignment. This is super important, so if you haven’t read through, make sure you do so before this workout.

Level Two takes level one up a notch by incorporating more of your lower abdominals.

Level Three, which is arguably equally as hard as level four, uses a resistance band to challenge balance (= more ab work), while level four itself uses a weight. If you need to modify, you can take out the weight all together (or just work with level two!).

love when my abs are sore, and this usually does the trick. Pull your belly button in, remember to breathe, and have at it! It’ll be SO worth it once you’re done 😉


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