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Plank Thigh Tone

You may have already tried my plank workout, and- if so- it’s time to graduate.

It’s too bad there’s no such thing as a degree in planking. I think it’s difficult enough to master that it warrants an official piece of paper. Don’t you?

Well, just when you thought you had planks all figured out, I went ahead and made them harder.

This is the perfect video for today after what has probably been one of the most indulgent weekends I’ve had in a while.

Between winery hopping in Woodinville and Seattle’s Dragonfest (international food festival)…and possibly more than one trip for ice cream… I’m in serious need of a week full of really tough workouts!

Ted and I at Seattle Dragonfest (he’s actually 6’4″ and frequently has to squat to fit into a frame with lil’ ole me)

You’ll need a small rubber ball for this video. I’ve mentioned this before, but you can get these at many chain stores (Target, Walmart, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc). The bright orange one I use in this video was $1.99 at a local grocery store attached to a gas station in the middle of Missouri. The ball forces you to keep your leg muscles contracted and has the flexibility for you to squeeze and add movement. These small rubber balls are probably one of the best tools for getting leaner legs.

As you’ve probably guessed by the name, these exercises will work your thighs while you are in plank.

Abs: check.

Thighs: check.

Full body workout because planks are so tough and use everything: check.

Go time.


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