Obliques (No more muffin top)

Notes about the standing abs trend

There’s been something magical in the air these past few days- not only is the weather absolutely amazing here, but my standing abs video has gotten an insane number of hits through Pinterest. Thank you SO much to everyone who has been “liking” and supporting my blog. I’m so grateful!

Because of the comments and increasing interest in standing abs, I’ll definitely be putting together another one. In the meantime, I wanted to point out that I already have a second standing abs video on my site. It incorporates weights, but this will help with the weight load on your abs (forcing you to pull them in). If you don’t have free weights at home you can always use other small weighted objects (like books) though it might be a bit more difficult to maneuver.

Standing abdominal exercises work best for the tough love handle area. I always like to say they “melt your muffin top!” While your middle abdominal area will still be working, there are more effective exercises for the ‘pooch’ that are done on the floor. An added benefit to the standing exercises is that they aren’t as common, which is why I think they’ve become so popular here.

I also had a question about results with standing abs. I can’t really say that my results are entirely from standing abs (after all, I am the product of all of my own workouts- cardio, toning, etc and diet), but here is what my abs are lookin’ like these days.

They aren’t perfect, but it’s where I am. Love handles (and abs in general) are something I obsess about regularly, so I pretty much work my obliques every day.

I am always excited to hear your feedback about my videos 🙂 I’m happy to take requests for things you want to see more of as well (I’ve already had a couple, and have them in line for future posts). Enjoy the weekend everyone!


12 thoughts on “Notes about the standing abs trend

    • Which video are you having issues with? There are a few I mentioned in this post, but you have to access them through the embedded links or directly on YouTube. Let me know if you still have issues trying this

  1. hi tori! i found your standing abs workout and it is great! i have a hard time doing ab workouts on the floor due to a back injury when i was younger which led me to gain a lot of weight due to medicines. i have lost to date 125lbs but still have the pooches and muffin tops. i started your standing ab workout to try to help get rid of some of that and tighten and tone that area because i can’t afford the surgery to get rid of the loose skin. so just wanted to say thank you for making this! i do have a question though…can you make some more standing workouts for the pooches since it seems that laying on the floor is the only way to help tone them i was hoping you could come up with something that we could do standing as well to tighten them. Thanks again! Love your site!

    • Hi Tiffany!
      125lbs is quite the accomplishment! Congrats 🙂

      I do have the standing abs with weights video in addition to the normal one. I’ll do my best to come up with more! Part of the problem is that I feel there are a limited amount of standing ab exercises that are actually really effective. I’ll work on it! Thanks 🙂

  2. I see you have a post on how to get junk in your trunk, but what if you have junk already and would like to remove some? 🙂 Thoughts and suggestions please! 🙂

    • Hi Amanda,
      The best way is to mix cardio with toning. Cardio exercising will help with shedding some extra pounds, but the toning will help everything look toned. You can still do the junk in your trunk workouts to keep your butt looking toned, but doing the cardio with that should help “shrink” it down. Everyone is different, and some are born more well endowed than others, but everyone can benefit from the junk in your trunk exercises because what they really do is tone/tighten. Hope that helps!

  3. really great workout…. thank you so very much for sharing your talents and love of exercise with the world. I am truly grateful. Fyi, the videos are the biggest help for me at the moment. I tried the self timed, choose your own, workout too but did not follow through nearly as well as when you were leading the work out. 🙂 Thanks again

  4. well tori I m getting back into shape after a very long break and trying to do something for myself…it has taken me quite awhile to realize that its ok to do something for me…anyway you were talking about using something around the house for weights and wanted to share what I have done. I have heard people talk about wanting to use milk jugs as weights thats great except for those of us who are barely starting the fitness routine again after a long period. I actually took some long tube socks and started with a small can of fruit or vegetable inside. this way its easier to manage…and graduated to a can of something about the weight of spaghetti sauce . this gives me more control and allows me the opportunity to go at my own pace….especially since I am strapped for time and cash…anyway wanted to share the idea with you and might help those who are needing ideas because of costs.

    • Thanks so much Tammy! That’s a great idea and very resourceful of you 🙂 I think I might try that next time!

    • you can definitely do that- just make sure they’re sealed tight! if you have sand, you can fill them with sand as well. I’ve also used skinny wine bottles- but you have to be pretty careful not to break them!

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