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Cardio Stability Ball Tone

It’s no secret that I love the stability ball.

There are so many different ways to incorporate it into your workout. Cardio was the last thing I’d ever thought of. But once I had, I couldn’t resist using these unique exercises in my own classes.

The stability ball provides an added benefit of working your arms while huffing and puffing. Your muscles stay contracted, and you burn more calories. If you don’t have a stability ball, you can always use a smaller workout ball, or one that is weighted (though the stability ball works best because of it’s size).


2 thoughts on “Cardio Stability Ball Tone

    • Hi Beth,
      It comes from “ClickMix.” If you look under my music tab at the top of the blog I have some information about the music sites I use. You can set popular songs to a set BPM (I do 32) and then purchase- the CD it gives you will also put transitions between songs.

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