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Plank Workout

First of all, I need to apologize for my absence these past few days. I’ve been in sunny California doing this:

Tough life, I know.

In any case, I didn’t mean to abandon my blog for so long, but it was a hectic weekend what with my friend’s wedding and lots of Los Angeles galavanting (it really is a sprawling city).

But now I’m back in Seattle and hopefully bringing the good weather with me. Today’s workout is all plank variations.

Planks are a great way to zap all of your muscles with an isometric challenging exercise. As long as you keep your hips dropped so that your back is in one straight line, your entire core will be engaged. Once you have the alignment down, you can start to add variations as I do in this video.

P.S- My cat really enjoys attention and walks through this video a few times. Don’t mind her.


3 thoughts on “Plank Workout

  1. I just found your site on pinterest and just did my first workouts tonight! I really enjoy these 🙂 Also, my kitties won’t leave me alone while I’m doing these too 😉

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