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Lengthening Legs: Quad and Hamstring Stretches

Up until this point, I haven’t posted any stretching videos. Shame on me.

I actually have a history of hating stretches. I used to be one of those gym-goers who would workout like crazy and then barely stretch at the end of it. In fact, I even used to dislike yoga because I felt that it “wasn’t a real workout.” Obviously, I was so very wrong.

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks.

It wasn’t until I started teaching that I learned about the benefits of stretching. Better flexibility can improve physical fitness and also reduce your risk for injuries. As we age, we tend to have worse mobility and range of motion, and stretching can really help minimize movement issues. But the “problems when your older” schpeal doesn’t really work very well on younger individuals (I know it didn’t when I was in high school). The main things that I think anyone can relate to are the following:

  • Stretching enhances coordination
  • Stretching increases blood circulation to certain parts of the body
  • The increased circulation leads to increased energy overall

Anytime I hear about something up-ing my energy, I’m all over it.

If your still not convinced, here’s the one thing I learned that really forced me to love stretching: it makes you longer and leaner. Stretching isn’t just this passive thing that you have to do after your “real” workout- it truly is it’s own form of exercise with its own, completely separate consequences (though the effects are best seen when combined with other exercise). Think tall. Think confident. Think lean. And, on top of all of this, you will feel really good afterwards.

P.S- Can you believe it’s almost July?! Time flies


9 thoughts on “Lengthening Legs: Quad and Hamstring Stretches

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  3. Thanks for posting the stretching routine. I used to feel the same way and am now convinced its a key part of a comprehensive fitness program. Would be interested in seeing you post upper body stretches in the future. Thanks again!

  4. Stretching helped my body catch up to my drive when I first started running – I wanted to run farther and faster than my body wanted to let me. I got to where I needed help to walk up stairs. A couple weeks of proper stretches and I was right as rain.

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