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Upper/Lower Body Intervals with Step

Have you ever been in a tough group fitness class where the instructor is making you do one million reps, and by the millionth one you feel like you need to stop or you might collapse on the floor right then and there? I have. Coincidentally, I think I’ve probably also been that instructor.

Well, sometimes you just don’t want to do one million of anything. Sometimes you just want the instructor to stop. You tell yourself that you can certainly do one million of anything, as long as you had some breaks in between. Or is it just me?

In any case, this is my motivation behind upper/lower body intervals. By the time you feel too exhausted to continue with more lunges, we take out the legs and exhaust the arms until the point of no return…then come back to the legs. At this point your brain is still tackling the lingering burn in your arms, and doesn’t have time to catch up with the fact that, not 2 minutes earlier, your legs were suffering.

The point is that you will end up being sore in both your arms and your legs without maxing out too early to complete all the reps. You don’t exactly get breaks that involve rest, but you do give muscle groups the chance to relax while you work on something else. Your body wins.

The step in this workout will make your lower body intervals tougher, but you can leave it out to modify. I use 5 pound weights here, but feel free to go heavier or lighter.


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