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Thigh and Ab Stability Ball Squeeze

Initially, it would seem that working the thighs and abs together is counterintuitive; after all, most people work the thighs standing and the abs sitting. But I’m all about trying something new, and this was the result.

Thigh and ab stability ball squeeze.

My love for stability balls collided with my desire for ripped abs and a good challenge that would multitask my muscles. A lot of times I make things up as I go along- do what strikes me in the moment. This was one of those times. I went with it, and it worked.

There really is quite a lot going on in this workout. If you need a modification, you can always do this without the stability ball by simply keeping your legs extended (or with a slight bend in your knees). I use a step here to keep me off the ground so that using the stability ball works better, and also to help with form and alignment on the ab work. You can always take the step out; however, I strongly recommend leaving it in. This is because if you are on the floor moving through your abs, your upper back and shoulders could easily rest on the ground. If you’re on the step, however, your back and shoulders are forced to stay lifted (and thus your abdominals are forced to keep working). Another modification would be to use a smaller rubber ball in place of the stability ball (you can find these for only around $4.00 at your local grocery store or pharmacy- made for little kids but seriously awesome for workouts…a worthwhile investment).

If done correctly, both your legs and abs should be sore (or at least burning)- if not, then do this video a second…or third time. I dare you!


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