Abs (Pooch be gone)

Abs Challenge Level Three

If you’ve mastered Abs Challenge levels one and two, then I’m sure you’ll be excited about level three. To be honest, levels three and four (coming soon) are probably equally challenging, but in different ways. Level three is my personal favorite.

Again, if you’re new to the abs challenge series, please refer to level one for proper alignment instructions. Your alignment is the most critical part of maximizing the benefit of this abdominal work.

Level three incorporates a resistance band into the workout. Make sure your shoulders stay relaxed away from your ears while you pull on the band, and that your elbows are slightly bent. You have the option to keep both legs straight (like I’m doing in the picture) or to bend your leg that isn’t touching the resistance band. Straightening this leg will add in the use of your glutes as long as you keep your leg lifted off of the floor.

The reason the abs challenges are so tough is because you really use all of your abdominal muscles to stay lifted. The key is to keep your shoulder blades entirely off the mat (upper abdominals) while also pressing your lower back down into the mat in a pelvic tilt (lower abdominals). The resistance band in level three will challenge your balance as well.


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