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Park Bench Workout Two

I realized yesterday that I have a lot more videos stocked up than I thought. It’s surprisingly difficult to stay on top of filming new videos, editing old ones, and figuring out what I have yet to publish. Todays video is actually one I filmed yesterday- I just moved it ahead of all the others. I couldn’t help but share right away because we finally had beautiful weather here in Seattle, and I thought this video/photo series was especially beautiful.

Anytime it’s sunny here, I’ll be filming outside. The fresh air, water, and privacy can’t be beat! Because of this, I thought it was only appropriate to do another park bench workout.

This particular series mostly uses abs and legs mixed in with some cardio. Try to find a bench that isn’t too high off the ground, or it’ll be an awkward height for the lunges. Feel free to take longer breaks if you need them, but try to push through. It’s definitely a toughie!

Unfortunately the video quality on this one is a bit diminished. I’m struggling to find a new video camera and may need to cave and purchase one. This video was filmed with my canon powershot, which doesn’t translate well to larger screens. In any case, the video is still easy to follow and the sound is okay. Enjoy!


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