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Standing Abs with Weights

My last standing abdominal video was one of the most popular; luckily, I have another standing abdominal workout that takes it up a notch by incorporating weights. This way, you’ll fit in some arm muscle toning as you move through your obliques.

Again, I like these exercises because they are different. Sit ups can get boring very quickly if you don’t switch it up. It’s also difficult to do abs and arms at the same time, so this video should give you some good ideas.

These movements will help flatten your tummy and tone your sides while burning more calories due to the added weight load. Just remember to suck your belly button in the whole time you do these- it’s easy to forget!


12 thoughts on “Standing Abs with Weights

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  2. I absolutely love your workouts, especially the standing abs with and without weights! They are easy but brutal in a fantastic way! I find myself losing the excess belly fat easier with your workouts. Thank you so much for these videos! 🙂

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  5. I just wanted to say thank you so much for these videos! I find them easy to follow, and not intimidating to incorporate because they are all around 10 minutes long. Even if I don’t have a lot of time, I can squeeze 10 min here and there throughout my day. Thank you so much for this resource!

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    • Yes those are really tough (as are most Crossfit exercises!). I’m also interested in trying TRX at some point- I really like the idea of being suspended. Variation and new ideas are always good 🙂

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