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Kickboxing Round 2

Think you’re tough? Try Kickboxing Round Two!

I’ve ranted before both about the benefits of kickboxing and how much I love it, but, seriously, it’s amazing. I think I’m going to devote a good chunk of time to coming up with additional routines to film. I’ve been hoping to start filming outside, but the weather here has been so miserable that it doesn’t really lend itself to this.


Okay, but back to kickboxing. I’m going to join the LA fitness in downtown Bellevue, and they have a huge group fitness room. The challenge will be finding times where I’m the only one using it, but hopefully this will all work out all right. Keep your fingers crossed! I have some serious filming to do.

P.S.- This is the first video I’ve done where I accidentally move out of the frame of the camera. I debated trying to fix this, but I thought that you could still see me enough to follow along anyway (and re-filming takes a lot of time). It’s only for about 30 seconds, so hopefully you can forgive me!


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