Arms (ByeBye Batwings) / Glutes (Getting junk in the trunk) / Videos (Workout with me)

Glutes & Guns

Multitasking. It’s something I’m good at in general, but especially when it comes to exercise.

As evident from many of my previous videos, I don’t frequently work just one muscle group. These days, everyone is too busy to spend several hours in the gym working every group carefully and meticulously. With my workouts, you can get very similar results in just an hour or less per day.

An excellent and experienced personal trainer once told me that your body is your best machine. Exercises are always more effective when you are incorporating your own body weight. The fancy-schmancy machines you see nowadays are great and all, but they cannot compare to the things you can do on your own. With just a simple versa band and hand weights, this workout will really help tone and burn calories. It’s only 8 minutes, so that means it’s extra tough šŸ˜‰ (or just that I was extra tired…but you can let me know what you think).


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