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No Gym is No Excuse

I’m writing today from a very small rural part of Connecticut. My little sister is graduating high school! While this is an exciting time, it also means lots of eating and celebrating. It’s times like these where exercise can make all the difference. And not having gym access is no excuse!

So, there are two possibilities:

1.) The weather is cooperating and you can exercise outside

2.) The weather is being cranky and you can exercise inside

If you are in situation 2.) you can always try any of my “Home workouts” that do not use any equipment. The cardio ones typically require a bit more space, but most of the other toning videos do not. There is also a wealth of additional videos from other instructors on Youtube. And all you need is a computer or smart phone!

Situation 1.) is even better. This described my morning today, so I woke up early and went for a quick run with my dad. I don’t typically like running with other people, but my dad is the exception. He is a triathlon coach for the Leukemia Society, and therefore makes an excellent running partner (and coach). Furthermore, he keeps me running fast even when I want to stop!

It helps to have a fairly scenic place to run; I find this keeps me distracted from the internal physical struggle I frequently have when I’m running (“this is….so….hard…i’m….so….tired!”). There are many tips out there for form when running– from arms, to footwork, to breathing. It’s really helpful to know these things in order to improve your running workout.

Just a picture from this morning. Baby geese….nbd.

Don’t like to run? Well, then walk! If you have a bigger chunk of time, you can walk for longer and burn the same number of calories as you would with a short run. Furthermore, the benefits of walking are very similar to other types of cardiovascular exercise, but without the harsh impact. The other day I took a really long walk with one of my best friends from high school. Time flies when you have a walking partner!

The moral of the story is that whether you have 2 hours or 10 minutes, it’s worth it to get up and move. Running and walking are two very simple exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime. Even if you only have 5 minutes…do some jumping jacks! Any amount of movement will be beneficial no matter what.

Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend!

Congrats, Sabrina!


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