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Total Body Tone: Arms & Legs

I’m starting a total body tone series, but it’s really hard to actually get all muscles in 10 minutes. It makes more sense to break it down so that each 10 minute video will incorporate something different, so that’s what I’ve done here.

Today’s video consists of upper and lower body intervals.

I start with arms…

Then go into legs.

There are a few different modifications for the legs, so make sure you find the one that works best for your form. The most challenging is the one pictured; though you can’t totally see here, you need to make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toe on the standing leg (the long leg will be moving). You can also take your hands to a step or block to stay up higher, or simply place your hands on the thigh of your standing leg. The extent to which your body weight presses into your standing leg is what varies in these modifications.

I still haven’t quite figured out whether I’m better off adding my music after I film. This is what I’ve been doing, since the sound quality is a lot better, but it always bothers me when I’m “off” with the music. So this is something I need to ponder a bit more.

In other news, I’m officially moved out of St. Louis! I’m spending the weekend in NY with my parents for my sister’s graduation (from high school), and their internet connection is about 10 times faster than mine. This means that my video upload only took 15 minutes! Hope this keeps up- it makes things a lot easier.


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