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Lean Legs Workout Wall

In my efforts to come up with creative names for my workouts, I settled on “lean legs workout wall” for this one. I think it sums things up pretty concisely, while still being enticing.

Teaching at WashU definitely helped me understand the importance of a class name. A lot of thought goes into their names and the timing of their classes; it’s not enough to call a class “toning” because it lacks both specifics and pizazz. “Toning” could be total body, glutes, arms, etc, and thus fails to communicate what the class is about. “Total body tone” or “glutes N’ guts,”  for example, are both names that tell you what to expect from the class (functionality) and also spark your interest in taking them (creativity). Think about it: would you rather go to a class called aerobics (snooze) or cardio pump (ooo what’s that? sounds like a class that’ll make me sweat!) ?

But on to the logistics.

The picture above gives you a basic side view. As you hold, try to get your hips in line with your knees, as if you’re sitting in a chair. Press your back into the stability ball against the wall to keep yourself from falling and the ball from slipping out. The exercises in this video involve a lot of movement, and the stability ball helps you move up and down. If you don’t have a ball, you can press your back against the wall, but will have to take out the vertical movement.

Let me know if you have any class name ideas/suggestions! I am totally open to customizing workouts to the names you provide 🙂


4 thoughts on “Lean Legs Workout Wall

  1. Does this excercise makes your legs thinner or? I’ve been looking on how to get my legs thinner since forever but I can’t find any good workout routine, please help

    • It should help thinning out legs, but it will also make them more muscular. The best exercises to ensure your legs get leaner is to combine strengthening activities like this video with stretching (try my hamstring and quad stretch video).

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