Clothing (Lookin' Fine)

The Astro Pant

Another review for Lululemon (I really do swear by their products). At some point soon I’ll branch out a bit more into other branded products.

Today is about the Astro pant. (My web review in the embedded link- if you like it, please click “yes” if you thought the review was helpful!).

The astro pant, overall, fits very well. Also, I found that the dark gray pants were flattering (which is always a plus, and difficult to find). I like the way it hugs your sides but comes down a bit lower in the front.

They are also flattering from the side, and make you look lighter.

But, I have two complaints about these:

1.) If you are an instructor and clip a mic to them, it flops around because the top part isn’t strong enough to support it. (I don’t always use a mic so this isn’t a regular problem for me)

2.) Sometimes they get camel toey. Embarrassing, I know, but kind of true.

As with all Lululemon pants, you shouldn’t put these in the dryer. I always wash on delicate and air dry. Not doing so can result in pilling and other pant aging problems. But if treated properly, these will last a very long time and stay in good condition.

Happy Monday!


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