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Abs Challenge Level Two

Here it is! Abs challenge level two. As of right now, I have four total on the agenda.

Level two builds upon level one. In my level one post, you can find detailed instructions regarding form, and the video has more explanation about modifications. Though level one is already very challenging, level two adds in your legs. This forces you to pull in your abdominals even more to stay lifted. Throughout the exercise you should try as much as you can to stay lifted just up off the bottoms of your shoulder blades (except towards the end where it’s ok to come down a bit lower).

I definitely encourage working with level one until you feel you’ve mastered it. I swear you are definitely still getting a great ab workout this way. The best way to maximize these exercises is to maintain the proper form- remember, it’s always better to be able to do less of something in the proper form than more of something with incorrect alignment.

Be honest with yourself and push through! You’ll definitely feel sore if you do it right 🙂


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