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Beautiful Biceps

The biceps are the most commonly used muscles in arm workouts. While working your biceps can have aesthetic improvements, it also helps build overall upper body strength.

The biceps work across three joints: the the proximal radioulnar, humeroulnar and glenohumeral joints (med school, here I come!). Because of this, exercising your biceps can increase strength through shoulders, elbows, and forearms.

Working your biceps has the same benefits as any type of strength training: improved bone health and reduced risk of injury. While strength training doesn’t build bone mass, it does maintain it and prevents loss. As we age, vitamin D (a cofactor to calcium) becomes important for building bone mass and preventing osteoporosis/osteopenia. Even when we’re young, it’s always important to get adequate calcium!

With this in mind, hopefully it provides a bit of motivation to want to work on strength training. My “beautiful biceps” workout will also incorporate legs (obviously) and abdominals. Again, I added in my music after I filmed, so I’m kind of going at my own pace (rather than the musical pace). I think I’m sticking to this format for most of my toning workouts.



3 thoughts on “Beautiful Biceps

  1. I just discovered your workouts and I absolutely love them! Thank you so much for posting and making it easy for me to workout =D

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