Clothing (Lookin' Fine)

Why look good at the gym? The Groove Pant

I’ve decided to spice up this blog with some additional tidbits from other areas of health and fitness. As part of this endeavor, I’m going to periodically provide reviews about the clothes I wear while making my videos and exercising in general. I think it’s really important that people feel like they look good while they are at the gym. I’m not talking about full on make up or looking like a rockstar, but just wearing flattering clothes that make you feel good.

I realize this may not be important to everyone, but I do think there is really something to be said for it. Exercise is tied to self-esteem. So is the way you dress. When you go to the gym in ill-fit pants and a baggy t-shirt, you can’t see the physical transformation you are making. You might think “man, my butt looks terrible,” when in reality if you were just wearing something more flattering, your butt could make everyones heads turn (seriously).

I don’t want anyone to think that I am suggesting that you have to change the way you dress or that you have to avoid baggy gym clothes. You absolutely don’t. You know what you are comfortable in, and that’s fine. But perhaps you can dig a bit deeper- think into your own thoughts. How do you feel you look when you’re at the gym?

So my first review is for the Lululemon Groove pant. I know many are probably thinking “gasp! Lululemon is SO expensive! why spend that money on gym clothes?”

Here’s the way I think about it. I’ve had one pair of Groove pants for 3 years. I wear these several times a week almost and they’ve seen many wash cycles. Yet, here they are, 3 years later, still in good condition. Most other workout pants probably would’ve died a long time ago. I also recently bought another pair (color scheme pictured). With Lululemon clothes, you won’t get crotch holes or sweat stains because the material is so durable.

My review is posted on the Lululemon site here (scroll down below the product). In short, these are my favorite workout pants ever. I absolutely love the fit (these come up a little higher, but not too high, so they hold in the love handles) and actually make you look (and feel) thinner. They are also reversible and have several different color schemes/pattern choices for the top. Like I said, despite being pricey, I think they are worth it if you are an avid exerciser.

Warning: once you try these on, you will not want to buy other workout pants. I truly swear by these.


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