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Kickboxing: Round 1

I love me some kickboxin’. It is, hands down, the best possible workout anyone can do. There is no other workout in which I’ve ever sweat so much and been so sore all over.

A fellow like-minded blogger over at kktrainingsystems put together a very eloquent post about the benefits of kickboxing. You should really read his post if you’re interested, but, to be brief, here are a few of the reasons why I love kickboxing:

  1. You can burn an insane number of calories.
  2. Kickboxing tones muscles while also being an endurance and cardiovascular workout. Not only will you be exhausted, but you will also feel sore in your arms, legs, and abs if done correctly.
  3. It can help you release some serious aggression. Angry? Need to blow off some steam? A kickboxing workout can actually be better when you’re mad.

There are a few important kickboxing tips that I have to ensure that your workout is as effective as it could possibly be. Part of this is best explained at the start of the video, so make sure you listen to it and pay attention!

Tips for effective kickboxing:

  • All punches and kicks should be made with a fast retraction. The “punch” phase is when your arm comes out, and the “retraction” phase is when your arm pulls in. To create your own resistance, you need to pull your arm in just as fast as you throw it out. See the start of the video for a demonstration. This is important and following these instructions alone will help you burn more calories and tone more muscles.
  • Pivot on the opposite foot when doing hooks, jabs, and uppercuts (all punches except the jab). This will help you throw more body weight into your punches.
  • Keep your fists up by the face throughout the entire workout. Elevating the arms makes cardiovascular workouts more challenging. Plus, if you let your hands down, you’re giving someone else the opportunity to punch you in the face.

Obviously, I had to wear my awesome kickboxing pants while doing this workout. It actually helps to just get into it, ya know? AFAA gives its instructors free hand/wrist wraps once they take the training course (which are fabulous), and these make you feel even more hardcore (they don’t make an appearance in this video though).

With a little bit of space you can do this workout almost anywhere!


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