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Beach Buns and Toned Thighs

It’s a two for one today!

I’ll be honest, when I first started this video, I didn’t think I’d be doing quite as much thigh work. But it’s very hard for me to resist doing more than one thing at the same time (and truly, I’m a multi-tasker in most aspects of my life). The result: BOTH beach buns and toned thighs in ONE video. Jackpot.

This is another part of beach body bootcamp. And bikini bottoms that fit well are rare finds. So, why not help the situation by toning it up?

In this video, I use a small rubber ball. You might have one lying around your house; in fact, I just saw them on sale at the grocery store for $4.50. These can be great little torture devices that blast your inner thighs. But, you definitely don’t need the ball to do these exercises. If you omit the ball, you won’t get the inner thigh work, but it’ll still be great for your glutes.  Because of this option, I’ve labeled this a home workout.


3 thoughts on “Beach Buns and Toned Thighs

  1. Reblogged this on Cooking Up the Cure and commented:
    Summer is here and it’s time to tone those thighs! Here’s an exercise you can do at home, with a ball.. or not. Work your way up to the 11 minute workout slowly if you haven’t been exercising.
    Remember that 30 minutes a day is all it takes for optimum health. Get a friend to join you, make it fun!

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