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Chiseled Chest

Full disclosure: A friend of mine who shall remain nameless asked about exercises to help make her boobs look better. Welp, there’s no beating around the bush here, because yes there are exercises you can do to help work towards a fabulous chest. I think this is underrated among women, because “nice pecs” are typically associated with muscle-y men. BUT it doesn’t matter who you are- everyone should hop on the chest workout train.

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The exercises in this video will show you how to work abs and glutes along with the chest. All you’ll need are a set of medium to heavy weights (more than 5 pounds each, unless you’re injured).

Push-ups are a great chest exercise as well, and I’ll eventually get around to filming a total arm work out that doesn’t involve weights. But the video here will hopefully give you some new ideas about ways to incorporate other muscle groups while working the chest.

If you want to use a bench or step, you can do that as well. I think the bench pictured above is likely too high to incorporate the glute stuff I do, but works just fine for abs. Otherwise, a step with 2 risers on each side should work well for both. Again, this isn’t needed, but you may find it a bit more comfortable.


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