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Plyometrics Part Two

People seem to be drawn to workouts that they can do at home because they can be done with minimal time and effort.


Cardio workouts are no exception. And what better cardio is there then plyometrics? Well….maybe kickboxing, but that’s for another day.

I promised at least a second plyometrics video, so here it is. Honestly, these plyo videos are the most tiring things I’ve ever done. Typically when I use plyo in my fitness classes, I alternate it with lower impact cardio or leg/arm exercises. It wasn’t until I created this site and segmented my videos that I actually did ten straight minutes of it. It’s HARD! You’re heart rate will be flying by the end of it, so if at any point you feel dizzy then definitely slow it down.

If you have some extra energy, I’d also recommend alternating this with some toning exercises. If you put together a few of my videos, they could make their own bootcamp class! Just sayin’


4 thoughts on “Plyometrics Part Two

  1. Hi there! Loved your plyometrics video. I use these videos for my daily cardio. The length and intensity matches my fitness level. 🙂 I hope you’ll add more cardio videos in the future!

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