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Stability Ball Abs and Obliques

Everything is more difficult with a stability ball.

In fact, I pretty much attribute the current state of my abs (pictured) entirely to the stability ball. I don’t know where I’d be without it! Seriously though, if you don’t have a gym membership it’s completely worth investing in one of these. Not only are they great for abs, but also fabulous for legs, arms, back, and even cardio (this obviously means these videos are forthcoming).

But there is a reason why the stability ball is so excellent (aside from my raving about it). Because you’re not up against a flat surface, more of your core muscles will engage in order to keep your balance while doing any exercises. In my classes, I always say it makes it harder to “cheat” during a workout.

Oh, and I also added my music after I filmed, so I apologize if I seem slightly off with the beat.



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