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Park Bench Workout

Most people think of a park bench as a place of relaxation- rest for the weary.

But I don’t.

Park benches are just an opportunity to make an otherwise boring fitness routine exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy outdoor exercise just as much as anyone, but I don’t feel as fulfilled unless I get some variation in. And, let’s face it, not all of us are blessed with a surrounding natural environment that can provide rock climbing, hiking, swimming, and mountain biking (read: Midwest= flat and landlocked). So I settle with a park bench.

I’m particularly excited about this video because I was able to play around with some more dynamic camera angles since I added the music in after I filmed it. This also means that the music will probably sound better in the video. I can only do this successfully with non-choreographed/non-rhythmic workouts, which for me are few and far between. Let me know what you think.

If you have trouble recalling the exercises or want to follow along with me, this video is compatible with cell phones so you can play it while you’re out and about. I usually take my phone when I go for a run because my music is on it, so it’d be pretty easy to do (especially if you have a YouTube app).

Oh, and don’t worry about people looking at you funny for using the bench for a less than traditional purpose. Typically they either ignore you or just wish they had your motivation 🙂 If you’re really hesitant (or just want to do this on a gross day), you can do the same workout on a sturdy indoor bench or high step.

Click for or watch below Park Bench Workout.


3 thoughts on “Park Bench Workout

  1. I totally do this. I don’t have access to a gym so the park bench offers so much. Who needs a gym when you have a park bench? haha. People do stare sometimes… but that doesn’t bother me. lol. Thanks for more ideas!

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