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Heavy Weights

Photo altered from here

Okay, so the girl in the picture might look like she is only using a 2-3 pound weight BUT I bet you she didn’t get that buff lifting only three pounders. For today’s workout, I’m insisting on at least 8 pounds, if not more.

About this time last year I decided that I wanted to make a firm commitment to making my arms better. I’d honestly never given much thought to them before then. But weight training has a lot of benefits; in fact, for every additional pound of muscle gained, your body burns 50 more calories each day, and consistent resistance training can actually boost metabolism. Incorporating weights into a workout impacts bone health, insulin resistance, metabolism, blood pressure, and body fat, thereby reducing your risks for osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

I’ve come a long way from one year ago. Now, Iz’ got guns!

How did I do it? Through my classes of course! I typically use 10 pounds and try not to go much heavier because I don’t think I need to bulk up more than I have now. I also prefer to do a lot of reps with slightly less weight than a few reps with heavy weights. But whatever you choose is up to you.


4 thoughts on “Heavy Weights

  1. Great videos! I can definitely tell that you have a passion for what you do which is important in the industry that we are in. With that being said, I look forward to your future fitness videos and I will definitely share them with my folks as well. 🙂

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