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First Fitness Video!

During this process I’ve realized a few things:

1.) It’s cheaper, more convenient, and more accessible to post my videos on Youtube and link them from my blog. This is because of space limitations on the site. I’d recorded a 20 minute workout routine, which, if uploaded directly, would mean I could only have about 20 additional videos like this one before I reach my space cap. Since I’m still a student and have little to no income, I can’t really justify springing for additional space when there are free venues for it.

2.) My computer video camera is pretty poor quality. I was really hoping that I could just get over it- that it shouldn’t matter. But it does, to me. Luckily, I have a real camera I can borrow from my school in the meantime, and then maybe I can graduate myself to my own. We’ll see how this goes.

3.) It’s difficult to find the right balance between music and my voice. I don’t want to sound far away, but I also don’t want to be inaudible. I’m not totally sure how to remedy this. I may play around with merging music and my workouts separately (but this will be really difficult to do if I can’t hear any music while I’m exercising).


In any case, here is the link to GLUTES WITH GLIDERS (I’ve also embedded below). All you’ll need are either two paper plates or two old dish towels/washcloths (if you have weights or a body bar, you can use these as well, but you don’t need them). I did this workout twice in a row, because I’d just taught this in a real class right before filming, and I am sore. Hope you like it!


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